Bella Bowl - Stainless Steel Dog Bowl - 9 Colors - 4 Sizes

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Finding a durable and attractive dog bowl is easy when you shop with Loving Pets. Dogs should be able to eat out of a great bowl easily without sliding around or causing messy spills. You want a bowl that will stay in place and is easy to clean. The bowl should also look nice because it often sits out between your dog's meals. Our Bella Bowl is just what you're looking for. This sturdy dish is known as the best in the industry, setting a high standard. The skid-resistant dog bowl boasts an interior made of stainless steel with a polished poly-resin exterior that looks great in any part of your home. This award-winning bowl has received a seal of approval from many happy owners and dogs.

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Investing in a new bowl for your dog can make the mealtime routine much smoother. Finding a bowl that won't move around as your dog eats and that you can put in the dishwasher can help reduce your cleanup time. The Bella Bowl is an excellent choice, with the following features: 

  • Dishwasher safe: You can clean it regularly after meals (just remove the rubber ring).
  • Patented: Award winning, Bella Bowls are the BEST SELLING BOWL in the pet industry.
  • Removable rubber base: The base prevents your dog from nosing the bowl all over the floor, . 
  • Hygienic: Rust resistant; offers a healthy alternative to plastic; doesn’t hold odors.
  • Stylish appearance: Our 9 colors makes sure to reflect a sophisticated choice that works with any décor. 

Original Bella Bowl Colors for sales:

  • Espresso (Brown)
  • Paparazzi Pink
  • Merlot (Red)
  • Champagne (Tan)
  • Blueberry (Dark Blue)
  • Grape (Purple)
  • Copper (Dark Orange)
  • Artichoke (Green)
  • Murano (Light Blue)

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Get your dog a spill-proof, dishwasher-safe dog food and water bowl that makes every meal easier. Place your order today or get in touch with a team member to learn more. 

Product Facts:
Bacteria resistant stainless steel interior, Dishwasher safe, Removable rubber ring to prevent spills & noise