Nature's Choice® - 10" Pressed Rawhide Stick

Whether you're searching for an edible fetch toy or want to eliminate destructive chewing, a Nature's Choice® 10" Pressed Stick is a great choice. Our compressed rawhide chew sticks provide hours of enjoyment. We care about your pet, so our healthy and yummy rawhide sticks are quality-assured, with no additives or preservatives. Stock up on rawhide chew sticks from Loving Pets — your pup will be begging for more!

Product Facts:

  • Promotes dental health
  • Removes tartar and massages gums
  • Helps eliminate destructive chewing
  • No Preservatives

The Benefits of Our Compressed Rawhide Sticks for Dogs

Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs. This essential habit provides mental stimulation while helping them maintain healthy teeth, gums and jaws. However, there are items that you may not want your pet to chew, such as your walls or children's toys. So, it's vital to promote positive chewing habits. 

Our compressed rawhide chew sticks are the perfect option. A few of their great benefits include:

  • Provide quality at its finest: Nature's Choice is a brand you can trust. We use only the highest quality ingredients to ensure a healthy chew for your pup.
  • Clean your dog's teeth: Chewing promotes excellent overall dental hygiene. As your dog gnaws our rawhide sticks, they clean their teeth by removing tartar and plaque buildup.
  • Relieve teething pain: If your new puppy can't stop chewing, it could be because their gums are sore. Our rawhide sticks help relieve teething pain and exercise young jaw muscles. 
  • Promote positive chewing habits: Our tough yet chewy compressed rawhide sticks give your pup hours of chewing pleasure. These products also relieve stress and curb boredom.

More Rawhide Chews From Nature's Choice

As pet owners, we care about your dog as much as you do. That's why we never compromise on quality ingredients, simple yet delicious flavors or long-lasting durability. Whether you've got a pint-sized Chihuahua or a massive Great Dane, you'll find a Nature's Choice rawhide chew that's perfect for your dog. Here are just a few mouthwatering options:

  • Nature's Choice 6" Pressed Donut: This ring-shaped rawhide offers an amusing way for your pooch to stay busy as they wait for you to come home. 
  • Nature's Choice® White Knotted Bones: Dogs love the shape of these traditional knotted bones. They'll spend hours gnawing on the product's twisted form. 
  • Nature's Choice® 10" White Retriever Rolls (3 Pack): Another great option for playing fetch or rewarding a good dog, our retriever rolls offer a durable treat your pup will love.
  • Nature's Choice® 5" Assorted Munchy Sticks: These pint-sized and colorful rawhide chews make a great offering if you're looking for a small reward or a simple way to distract your pup as you slip out the door. 

Order Nature's Choice Rawhide Sticks From Loving Pets

Loving Pets is a family-owned business that provides high-quality products at a great price. We believe in simple and healthy ingredients to ensure your family's furriest member only gets the best. Order your compressed rawhide sticks today to experience the benefits of our offerings. 

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Product Claims:
Promotes Oral Hygiene
Large (35-65 lbs)
X-Large (65-100 lbs)
XX-Large (100+ lbs)