Nature's Choice® - 6" Pressed Rawhide Chew Donut

Reward your four-legged friend with the joy of pure and simple chewing pleasure with our Nature's Choice® Rawhide donut. Twisted into a unique ring shape, this rawhide treat offers 6 inches of chewable fun. That's plenty of entertainment to keep your pup busy and discourage destructive chewing habits. Also, while your dog chews to their heart's content, the textured rawhide helps maintain their dental hygiene by removing plaque buildup and massaging gums.  If you're looking for a simple, healthy reward for your pup, order rawhide donuts from Loving Pets for fun and practical chew treats.

Product Facts:

  • Promotes dental health
  • Removes tartar and massages gums
  • Helps eliminate destructive chewing
  • No Preservatives

The Benefits of Our Ring-Shaped Rawhide Dog Chews

With Nature's Choice rawhide donuts, what you see is what you get — a simple and healthy chewable in a fun, twisted ring shape. Our focus is on providing the highest quality dog treats so that you can concentrate on loving your dog. Here are just a few more reasons people and pooches love our rawhide donuts:

  • Offer simple, wholesome ingredients: Choosing the right ingredients is our highest priority. Nature's Choice rawhide has a simple yet flavorful ingredient profile with no preservatives. 
  • Eliminate destructive chewing: Idle teeth may result in chewed shoes and furniture. So, give your dog rawhide chews for hours of fun. We crafted the twisted donut shape to be long-lasting for dogs who quickly chew through everything you give them.
  • Provide mental stimulation: This tasty treat's 6-inch round design keeps your pup engaged, providing mental stimulation to reduce powerful emotions like boredom or anxiety.
  • Keep teeth clean: Our rawhide donuts promote good oral health by scrubbing away tartar and plaque as your pup gnaws.

More Rawhide Chews for Dogs From Nature's Choice

We offer a range of healthy and delicious treats and chewables from Nature's Choice. Our wholesome rawhide bones, chews and sticks offer an incredible taste. Plus, with our rawhides in your cupboards, your dog will never lack treats that can keep them busy. Here are a few other rawhide goodies from Nature's Choice that your dog will love:

Get Your Dog Rawhide, Treats and More From Loving Pets

Whether you need to curb destructive chewing habits or soothe your pup's anxiety, our 6-inch rawhide donuts are the perfect product. Order yours today.

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Product Claims:
Promotes Oral Hygiene
Medium (20-35 lbs)
Large (35-65 lbs)
X-Large (65-100 lbs)
XX-Large (100+ lbs)