Yummy Bones

When you want to give your dog a delicious treat, choose a brand with a name that says it all: Yummy Bones. Our flavor-filled Yummy Bones treats are a two-in-one creation with excellent tastes and several dental benefits. Whether you want to try these treats a la carte or in a 13-ounce bag, we have both options for your pup to enjoy.

Sometimes it's best for dogs to eat their treats slowly. When you buy a treat that makes your pup work for their reward, you can prevent them from choking or bloating. Hard on the outside and soft on the inside, Yummy Bones treats give your dog a snack and a task to slow them down. Plus, the tough texture outside massages your dog's gums and promotes dental health.

Why Choose Yummy Bones for Dogs?

Your dog will be excited to reach the soft interior of our Yummy Bones treats.  With ingredients that appeal to your pup's palate, these filled bones include flavors like peanut buttermintbacon and chicken. We make sure our treats have no artificial flavors or colors for the best quality product. 

When you choose Yummy Bones for your dog, you can enjoy these benefits and more:

  • Made in the USA: You can take pride in a treat made with superb quality assurance right here in the USA. Our team creates and tests every Yummy Bones treat in America to ensure the best flavor and value.
  • Sizes for bigger dogs: We recommend giving our single yummy bones to medium or large dogs. We do also have options for smaller dogs in our 13 oz. packages.
  • Double texture: Our treats feature a hard exterior shell to mimic the taste and feel of a real bone. Once your dog reaches the soft center, they get a burst of delicious flavor that makes the chewing worth it.
  • Healthy chewing: Some dog parents need chewing toys so that their pup leaves their shoes alone. We offer the perfect solution with our filled bones for dogs that need a chew fix.
  • Oral health: When your dog chews on the hard outside layer, they massage their gums and maintain a healthy pink color. These treats can also reduce plaque and tartar buildup, so your pup can enjoy a clean and bright smile. 
  • Real ingredients: With real chicken and tasty flavoring, these treats will become your dog's new favorite. You can feel great giving your pup a treat you know is made with the best ingredients.

Treat Your Pup With Flavor-Filled Yummy Bones

When you buy Yummy Bones, your dog can enjoy these treats' unique flavors and textures. Build healthy chewing habits and dental hygiene with a treat your dog will love. Depending on your pup's preferences and size, you can choose individually packaged sticks or 13-ounce bags.

We're dedicated to creating delicious and nutritious snacks that your furry friend can savor for hours. Choose from our range of flavors to get started, or try all four for a fun taste test!

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