Barksters Dog Treats

Does your dog love snacking as much as you do? If so, you can feed your pup the snacks they crave when you buy Barksters dog treats. These unique products taste great, and your dog will surely crave them again and again. The air-puffed crisps have just the right amount of crunch for pets, who probably love the way the treats feel in their mouths. 

With Barksters low-calorie dog treats, your pooch can indulge without gaining unhealthy weight. Each treat has just 12 calories, and they contain protein, too, to keep your active dog full. Your good girl or boy deserves a treat to show how well they behaved or listened. You will feel great about feeding them our sweet potato and chicken or beef dog treat, and they will love eating it. 

Healthy Dog Treats

You shouldn't give your pup just any dog treats. Stick with the ones that have no additives or preservatives and an ingredient list you can actually understand. Our dog treats contain only four ingredients — sweet potato, chicken or beef, rice flour, and rice bran oil. In addition to having clean, simple ingredients, our treats also steer clear of ingredients your dog doesn't need. Our dog treats don't have any gluten or wheat, and they are low in fat. 

These treats are designed to benefit your dog. Your dog's teeth get a boost from the vitamins and minerals in the chicken and beef. The sweet potato provides antioxidants, plus a healthy dose of vitamin A. Rice bran oil supports the immune system, plus it lowers blood cholesterol

Buy Barksters Low-Calorie Dog Treats Today 

You love your pet. They're a part of your family, and you want them to eat the best possible products so they can get stronger and stay healthier. Loving Pets makes products to help you achieve that goal. We care about your pets as much as you do, and we want to give you everything you need to care for them well. Our sweet potato and beef or chicken dog treats fit into our mission to deliver the best products

Everything we sell is made in the USA. Our family-owned small business emphasizes innovation in all that we do, from the products we sell to our unmatched customer service. We're always striving to do things more efficiently, and we enjoy helping our customers find what they want. We offer free shipping on orders of more than $49. Browse our selection of healthy Barksters treats and order today.