Bullish® Dog Treats

Good dogs deserve good treats, so you should provide your pup with our yummy Bullish® sticks! Our Bullish® dog treats are a great alternative to regular bully sticks at a fraction of the cost! Made with REAL bully stick, your dog will crave the delicious flavor! You can give the sticks to them as a reward for a job done well or a fun treat on a lazy afternoon. Dogs get excited for the scent and meaty taste of these chewy stick treats. You can count on these snacks to make your dog happy. 

Our long-lasting Bullish® sticks have many benefits for your dog, too. They massage the gums and clean the teeth as your dog indulges. You can feel good about giving your pet a treat that helps their oral health. Bully treats also provide a mental health boost for your dog. They keep your dog occupied, and chewing requires mental energy. A chewy stick can distract a teething puppy and help them forget about the pain, too. 

Choose Healthy Bully Treats for Dogs

All the dog treats we sell are made with your pup's health in mind. We know you care about what your dog eats. Their diet helps determine things like the shininess of their coat and their vitamin levels. Bully sticks are an effective way to give your pet treats while keeping them healthy. These snacks are made without any of the fillers found in other dog treats. Our product is free of: 

  • Glycerin.
  • Wheat and grain.
  • Soy.
  • Corn.

Bullish® dog treats contain no additives or preservatives, and the list of simple ingredients includes things you recognize and can pronounce. 

Buy Dog Treats From Loving Pets

Loving Pets has offered health-conscious pet products, including dog treats, since 2005. Our wide selection of treats includes something for every taste. We provide dedicated attention to our ingredients and beautiful packaging you will appreciate. We take an innovative approach to our products, such as our bowls and diners and accessories. By prioritizing our customers and their dogs' needs, we get people coming back to buy from us again and again.

You can get value packs and bundle deals, in addition to receiving free shipping on orders of more than $49. Our superior products and terrific customer service set us apart from other companies. You can trust us to prioritize your pet's health. We are constantly looking for ways to do better and offer improved service and products. As a family-owned small business, we appreciate your support. Browse our Bullish® dog treats and find a flavor your pet will love today!