Dolce Yum Chevron Bowl

$7.49 - $12.49
As any dog owner knows — mealtime can be messy. Your dog may spill food outside their bowl, or they may push their bowl across the floor trying to enjoy every last crumb. Whatever your dog's eating preferences are, you may need a durable bowl to help eliminate spills and other messes. The Dolce Moderno Yum Chevron Bowl from Loving Pets will change how you approach mealtime. We design our bowls to provide maximum stability to prevent tipping or spilling. Our Dolce Moderno bowl also features a beautiful tan chevron design with blue cartoon paw prints and bones on the exterior and the word "YUM" in a deep blue on the inside. Make mealtime more fun with this delightful no-slip bowl.

Treat Your Dog With a Beautiful and Functional Dog Bowl

Like humans, dogs prefer their bowls to stay still while they enjoy meals. Our Dolce Moderno Yum Chevron Bowl for Dogs has rubber feet that hold the bowl in place as your pet eats. We make our Dolce Moderno dog bowl with durable plastic that will stand up to daily wear and tear to provide long-lasting use. Additional benefits of purchasing this bowl include:

  • Easy cleanup: Make cleanup fast and easy thanks to this dishwasher-safe dog bowl.
  • Reduced spills: Help eliminate messes and enjoy a cleaner floor with greater dish stability.
  • Quiet mealtimes: The rubber feet will hold the bowl in place, preventing your dog from moving the bowl while they eat and creating large amounts of noise.
  • Delightful colors: With unique colors and a fun design, this no-slip dog bowl will showcase your personality while complementing your existing décor.
  • BPA-free materials: We make our Dolce Moderno dog bowls with BPA-free plastic for long-term use. 

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