Its Purely Natural

It's Purely Natural cat treats and snacks are perfect for pet owners who want to serve the best ingredients to their kitties. We make our treats with natural ingredients and freeze-dry them for long-lasting freshness. Your cat will love these treats so much that they'll want to try every flavor!

These cat snacks are a great source of necessary nutrients and protein to stimulate your cat's growth and health. We encourage your furry friend to try these freeze-dried cat treats as a special snack or reward for good behavior throughout the day. Got a picky kitty? Our happy customers have told us that even their most finicky cats enjoy these snacks!

Why Choose It's Purely Natural Cat Treats?

Aside from using the best ingredients, It's Purely Natural freeze-dried cat treats are delicious, so these snacks will have your cat licking their lips. With no additives, byproducts or preservatives, these treats pack a ton of flavor and feel good to eat.

Cats often prefer meat- or fish-flavored treats, so any of our four options would be a great first try. Choose shrimp, chicken, buffalo or beef lung for your cat's new favorite snack. The best part — every treat has only one ingredient! It's Purely Natural cat treats contain real meat, with a simple ingredient list to prove it.

Here are a few more reasons to try It's Purely Natural cat snacks:

  • Wheat, gluten, soy, grain and glycerin-free: If you check every product label for your cat's treats, you'll find we make our treats with no gluten, wheat, soy, grain or glycerin. We do this by freeze-drying real meat for maximum flavor and health benefits.
  • Easy to chew: Each cat treat is bite-sized, so your kitty can chew and digest it easily. Some treats are similar to jerky, and they have a soft texture for your cat to enjoy.
  • Freshness: Freeze-dried cat treats maintain freshness because they store the original ingredient's natural flavors. Since we don't use any preservatives, our treats keep their excellent taste when sealed tightly in their bags.
  • Nutritious: The best part of having natural cat treats is guilt-free snacking. Our treats are delicious and nutritious with high-protein, low-fat ingredients, so your kitty can enjoy their yummy flavors and feel great after.

Buy It's Purely Natural Treats for Your Furry Friend

With an ingredient list you can understand and feel good serving to your best friend, It's Purely Natural cat treats are fresh and delicious snacks. Treat your kitty to an irresistible snack from It's Purely Natural.

If you're interested in more ways to pamper your furry friend, you can explore our other cat treats or gift baskets. We also provide food and water bowls and accessories for your cat's dining setup.