Loving Pets

At Loving Pets, we're all about treating your pup. One of the best ways to pamper your pooch is by giving them treats that taste great and are guilt free. With Loving Pets dog treats, you can have peace of mind knowing you're feeding your pup the best ingredients.

Loving Pets treats combine USA-sourced meats and a slow cooking process to create soft, chewy jerky. We take our time to make the highest-quality treats for your dog to enjoy. Because they're corn- and wheat-free, our soft jerky snacks are a lean and delicious addition to your pup's diet.

Why Choose Loving Pets Dog Treats?

Loving Pets jerky is made for dogs to enjoy again and again. With flavors like chicken and cheese, bacon and cheese or chicken and peanut butter, your furry friend will be excited for more. Plus, we use real chicken, bacon, peanut butter and cheese in every recipe. When you buy Loving Pets brand products, you can expect your pup to be on their best behavior — just to get another treat!

Here are a few reasons our happy customers choose Loving Pets jerky for their dogs:

  • Variety : We offer bone-shaped treats and jerky sticks with bacon or chicken flavors. You can give a treat to any size dog — you can easily break them up into smaller pieces if necessary.
  • Made in the USA: Loving Pets dog treats are made in the USA for superb quality and taste. These select snacks are also formulated and cooked in-house.
  • Shelf life: We slow-cook our jerky for intensified flavor and use natural preservatives like rosemary extract to give these treats a long shelf life.
  • Lean snacking: Loving Pets jerky treats are a lean alternative to beef with high protein. You can feel good knowing your pup isn't racking up calories with this delicious treat.
  • Nutrition: We believe in the importance of a healthy diet. That's why we use real chicken, bacon, peanut butter and cheese in each treat. Your dog can enjoy all the natural protein, nutrients and vitamins from our delicious recipe.
  • Dental benefits: Jerky is chewy and soft, so these treats have the potential to remove some plaque from your pup's teeth. We recommend using these snacks in moderation or exploring our dental treats to improve your dog's oral hygiene.

Try Loving Pets Dog Snacks for a Wholesome Treat

At Loving Pets, we pay attention to our ingredients to give your furry friend the best snacks. Our affordable, high-quality treats are available in a range of flavors and shapes for your pup's preferences. Choose from bone-shaped soft jerky or soft jerky sticks in our wide range of flavors.

Try our selection of Loving Pets dog treats, and we promise you'll be back for more. Surprise your pup with a new flavors to see which delicious snack they like best. With treats that taste good and have simple ingredient profiles you can understand, Loving Pets is what we do!

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