Your pup's teeth are the oft-forgotten key to their health. If you want to avoid common illnesses like periodontal disease, you can help your dog treat their teeth with Ora-Bone™ dental chews. We recommend attending regular dental exams and using Ora-Bone™ treats for great tooth treatments between their checkups.

Our patent-pending shape and unique recipe help pups maintain excellent oral hygiene. Plus, we make our treats with natural ingredients that taste great! Choose from our single packs or value bags, depending on your needs. 

How Ora-Bone™ Dental Sticks Clean Teeth

Ora-Bone™ chews use a signature recipe and distinct shape to clean your dog's teeth in ways other treats may not. You can pamper your dog with a bone that is both delicious and helpful for their health. Here is how our Ora-Bone™ dental treats help your pup maintain their oral hygiene:

  • Freshens breath: Our recipe helps your dog enjoy the freshening effects of ingredients like parsley and mint. 
  • Massages gums: The grooves on each Ora-Bone™ chew massage your pup's mouth to maintain pink, healthy gums.
  • Scrapes tongue: The nibs on each heart scrape your dog's tongue, which can improve their breath and overall cleanliness. 
  • Cleans teeth: Our dental chews have small channels to fit in between your pup's teeth. Chewing in these spaces can release plaque buildup on teeth.

Why Buy Ora-Bone™?

Regular dental treatments are crucial aspects of your dog's health. With Ora-Bone™ chews for dogs, you can enhance your pup's oral hygiene with two times the surface area of normal treats. Plus, you can feel good knowing your pup is enjoying a yummy treat.

Need more reasons to try Ora-Bone™? Here is what makes our treats different:

  • Made in the USA: We make our Ora-Bone™ dental sticks in-house with the highest quality ingredients. Each treat is cooked and packaged in the USA for superior quality.
  • Authentic ingredients: We use real chicken to provide the delicious taste your dog will love. Plus, we include mint, parsley and alfalfa for freshening. 
  • No artificial flavors or colors: Our recipe has no artificial flavors or colors, so you can feel good treating your pup. We know pup parents value real ingredients and impressive results.
  • Patent-pending shape: Ora-Bone™ treats have a unique shape, with grooves, nibs and rounded edges. This design allows our treats to clean more than twice the surface area than other dental sticks.
  • Various sizes: Choose from three sizes for your small, medium or large dog. We determine sizes by weight to give your pup the best treat for their mouth.

Choose Ora-Bone™ Dental Treats for Dogs

Ora-Bone™ dental chews are an excellent way for pet parents to ensure their pup has a clean mouth. We offer a unique approach to dogs' dental health, with a patent-pending shape and delicious chicken recipe. When your pup has clean teeth, they can enjoy a healthier heart and happier life. Choose Ora-Bone™ dental treats for your dog to get started. 

Enjoy affordable and appropriate options for your small, medium or large adult dog. If you'd like to check out our other yummy snacks, shop Loving Pets dog treats or bones and chews