Retro Bowl

Retro Bowls for Dogs

Are you looking for old-school dog bowls that match your aesthetic? Loving Pets carries Retro Bowls for dogs. Our dog bowls have a sturdy melamine shell with a glossy finish. They also feature a removable stainless steel insert that is veterinarian-recommended, dishwasher-safe and bacteria-resistant. Our Retro Bowls are a perfect choice when you want a dog bowl that will stay in place. They have a no-slip and -tip design with rubber feet that prevent noise and sliding.

Our Retro Bowls for dogs are available in several sizes and three fun colors: 

  • Ice white
  • Electric blue
  • Hot pink

You've come to the right place for stylish retro food bowls for dogs. Treat your pup like the cool pet they are by getting a new Retro Bowl. Your dog will enjoy having a dish that stays still while they try to eat or drink. Whether you buy matching or different colored bowls, our Retro Bowls can add a pop of color to your home.

Why Choose Loving Pets?

Loving Pets provides old-school dog bowls for pet owners who want a high-quality product with a sturdy, retro design. We are a family-owned and -operated business full of pet owners who wish to provide the best products for dogs in every home. Loving Pets focuses on affordable, high-quality accessories and treats for pets. 

We make our dog treats in the USA with health conscious ingredients to ensure all of our snacks are fit for your pets. In addition, our durable retro water bowls for dogs pair well with other helpful accessories that make taking care of your pets easier. Loving Pets wants the best for your dog, and this goal is apparent in our first-rate products.

Our mission is to provide pet owners with quality services and products to make the experience of owning an animal educational, fun and affordable. Loving Pets' knowledgeable staff can offer valuable information about our products to help you choose the right treats and accessories for your pets. We cater to animals such as dogs, cats and fish.

Buy Old-School Dog Bowls

When it's time to buy a new food or water dish, consider Loving Pets' Retro Bowls for dogs. Our bowls will make you and your pet happy because of their fun and sturdy designs.

Place your order for a Retro Bowl today. If you have any concerns or questions, contact us through our online form. One of our team members will reach out shortly to help you.