Your pup's dental hygiene is a large part of their overall health. Avoid costly dental treatments by helping your dog practice daily cleaning. With Toothsticks treats for dogs, you can have peace of mind knowing your pup is protecting their pearly whites.

These treats can prevent dental issues from forming and treat current cases of plaque buildup. We recommend using Toothsticks dental treats every day for best results. When you buy Toothsticks, you help your pup feel great and smile wide.

The Benefits of Dental Treats

How do dental treats work? Toothsticks use a signature formula and unique shape to encourage productive chewing. When gnawing on a Toothsticks treat, your dog moves their teeth and gums to scrape away existing bacteria. Here's how Toothsticks dental treats improve your dog's oral hygiene:

  • Reduces tartar: Tartar is a buildup of plaque, which is basically your pup's day-old dinner. Too much tartar can weaken dogs' teeth, so we focus on solutions. Chewing a dental treat creates movement that releases this buildup and cleans teeth. 
  • Massages gums: Dental sticks are long-lasting, so dogs can take their time and massage their gums. Healthy gums are crucial to overall dental health, and you know your dental treats are working when you see pink gums.
  • Freshens breath: Dental treats should have ingredients for freshening, like mint or parsley. After all, a clean mouth makes puppy kisses so much better!

Why Buy Toothsticks?

We created Toothsticks for dogs to improve their well-being with a simple daily step. Your pup will appreciate the delicious everyday treat, and you can feel good knowing their teeth are healthy. We offer flavors like chicken and mint for effective and tasty treats. 

With Toothsticks dental treats, you and your pup can enjoy these benefits:

  • Made in the USA: Each bag of Toothsticks waves the American flag proudly. We make and package our treats in the USA for excellent quality.
  • Unique pinwheel shape: Dental treats all have slightly different shapes. Our pinwheel-shaped treats target the corners of your dog's mouth because of their unique chewing process.
  • Real chicken: We use real USA-sourced chicken to make our mouth-watering treats. Because we serve the real deal, your pup can enjoy the delicious taste as they clean their teeth.
  • No artificial colors or flavors: We want dogs and their pet parents to enjoy the best ingredients. Our formulas use no artificial colors or flavors, so you can feel good about our recipe.
  • Various sizes: Toothsticks treats have sizes for small to large dogs. We consider size based on your pup's weight. 

Treat Your Pup's Teeth With Toothsticks

Toothsticks dental treats are an excellent addition to your dog's daily diet. With a simple teeth-cleaning routine, your pup may have fewer experiences with painful gums or broken teeth. Plus, there's no shortage of delicious flavor in these excellent treats. We recommend you use Toothsticks for adult dogs only.

Improve your pup's hygiene with a treat that can do it all. Toothsticks dental treats come in affordable 13-ounce packs that you can reseal to preserve freshness. If you'd like to explore other delicious surprises from Loving Pets, browse our dog treats or bones and chews!