Nature's Choice® - Buffalo Shin Bone Dog Treat

A busy dog is a happy dog. For the pup who loves to chew, Nature's Choice® Single 4" Meaty Shin Bone is a durable and delicious option offering hours of chewable enjoyment. Our 100% buffalo dog bones are a leaner and healthier alternative to beef. Each hearty chomp has a smoky flavor your pup will go wild for. The buffalo shin bone's rough and tough surface effectively removes plaque and tartar while your pooch happily chews on their dog treat.

Stock up on buffalo dog treats to give your pet hours of guiltless bone-chewing fun.

NOT suitable for larger breeds
Minimum Purchase:
6 units

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Product Facts

  • No Additives or artificial preservatives
  • Helps eliminate destructive chewing

Why You'll Love Our Buffalo Dog Bone Treats

Chewing is not just fun for dogs big and small — it promotes their health, happiness and dental hygiene. For aggressive chewers, finding a long-term product that tastes great and holds your pup's attention for more than a few minutes can be challenging. Our buffalo shin dog bones have a hearty flavor that will keep your pup begging for more. 

When you choose Nature's Choice, your furry friend will experience benefits such as:

  • Dental health assistance: Our genuine buffalo bone dog treats are designed to loosen plaque and tartar buildup.
  • Real ingredients: These dog bones are made of 100% buffalo and nothing more for a delicious natural chew — no additives or artificial preservatives.
  • Quality entertainment: If your pup can't stay away from your new shoes or furniture legs, our buffalo dog bones provide a positive alternative and a long-lasting chew fix. 
  • Leaner: Nature's Choice® Single 4" Meaty Shin Bone are a healthier, leaner alternative to beef 

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Stock up on delicious and oh-so-chewable Nature's Choice buffalo shin bones today. While you're here, look through our wide selection of other quality treats, accessories, feeders and other great products for your loveable pet.

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