Bella Bowl - Stainless Steel Dog Bowl - Murano Blue

$6.49 - $18.49

Are you searching for a dog bowl you can leave out in the room and enjoy looking at? Our attractive and durable stainless steel murano blue bella bowl fits the bill. With a beautifully crafted exterior made of poly-resin and an inside made of stainless steel, it offers the sturdiness you want in a dog bowl while looking great. We offer the Bella Bowl in unique colors to complement your home's decor.

The skid-proof murano blue dog bowl offers many advantages over other bowls. We make it with stainless steel, giving it a tough interior that can withstand repeated long-term usage. The poly-resign exterior is more stylish and demonstrates an impressive longevity. You will enjoy the unique colors available, including the gorgeous murano blue. 

Benefits of Buying Our Spill-Proof Murano Blue Dog Bowl

Feeding time can be a messy, noisy affair for dogs. They stick their noses into their bowl to dig out every last morsel of food, often pushing it around the room as they reach deep inside. The resulting noise and sloppiness can become frustrating. When your dog moves the bowl around, you hear clatters and splashes, and the food often slops over the side. 

You can eliminate those problems when you buy our dog bowl. It has a rubber base around the bottom, keeping it in place if your dog pushes it. You can pop off the base and stick the bowl in the dishwasher for a fast cleanup. Other advantages of our bowls include: 

  • Stainless steel interior that promotes hygiene, resists rust and won't hold odors.
  • A variety of sizes to best fit your furry friend.
  • Attractive appearance for when guests visit. 

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Our dishwasher-safe murano blue dog bowl is just one of the many high-quality products carried by Loving Pets. We create accessories and treats to help keep your pets healthy. We focus on using the best ingredients and materials to deliver high-quality results for a treasured furry member of your family. 

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Purchase our skid-proof murano blue Bella bowl today, and see how much your pet loves it. You can get in touch with us online to learn more about our process and products. 

Product Facts:
Bacteria resistant stainless steel interior, Dishwasher safe, Removable rubber ring to prevent spills & noise