Bella Roma Pink Single Travel Bowl for Dogs

$7.49 - $11.49

When traveling with your dog, you want convenience and obviously the best products to take care of them while on the road. Loving Pets has the perfect bowl to help you feed and give water to your dog during adventures. Our Bella Roma Pink Single Travel Bowl for dogs solves all your travel needs.

The bowl has several features that make traveling easier. It's a pink collapsible travel bowl for dogs that comes with a free carabiner to hook onto a bag, leash or belt loop for quick and simple storage on the go. When you need to use it, the pink dog travel bowl with a locking lid can store dry food and keep the inside clean. 

You can unlock the lid and convert it into legs to stand the bowl up while your dog eats or drinks. Once your dog is finished, you can collapse the bowl flat and continue on your way.

This pink travel bowl with legs for dogs is sturdy when it needs to be and useful for convenience and storage. Our bowl is dishwasher-safe and BPA-free for easy cleaning, so you can feel good using the dish. Whether you purchase this single travel bowl or our Bella Roma Travel Double Diner, you will surely enjoy the convenience they provide.

Why Choose Loving Pets?

At Loving Pets, we strive to offer the highest quality products for pet owners. We want to make traveling easy for you and your furry friend, so our collapsible travel bowls have a lid that converts into legs for sturdiness. We are a family-owned and -operated business with a mission to provide resources and products for pet owners to make pet care easier.

Loving Pets is full of pet owners dedicated to making a positive difference for animals in all homes. We carry many accessories and yummy treats for cats, dogs and fish. You can rely on Loving Pets for quality products that will help make your pet happy and healthy.

Buy a Bella Roma Pink Single Travel Bowl Today

Are you preparing to travel with your pet? Consider getting our Bella Roma Pink Single Travel Bowl. It's a convenient way to give food and water to your dog on the go. 

Purchase a Bella Roma Pink Single Travel Bowl today and begin traveling with your furry best friend. Contact us for more information by filling out our online form.

Product Facts:
Collapsible, Built in Feet, Free Carabiner, Dishwasher Safe, BPA Free