Bella Roma Pink Travel Double Diner for Dogs

$11.99 - $13.49

Do you like to travel with a furry friend? Ensure they have an easy way to eat and drink while traveling by using a Bella Roma Pink Travel Double Diner for dogs from Loving Pets. Our double diner is the ultimate bowl for pet parents on the road, whether it's for a day- or week-long trip.

The Bella Roma Pink Travel Double Diner has several features perfect for traveling. It's collapsible, which makes moving on the go easy and saves valuable space. The double diner comes with a free carabiner to clip onto a bag, belt loop or leash for convenient storage and access. The pink dog travel double diner with a locking lid is also an excellent way to store dry food. 

When you're ready to use the bowls, you can unfold them and convert the lids into standing legs. The pink travel double diner with legs for dogs is sturdy enough for your pets to eat and drink from while on the go. Once your pups are finished, you can collapse the legs and fold the bowls up again for easy storage.

Our dishwasher-safe and BPA-free Bella Roma Pink Travel Double Diner is a perfect bowl option for trips. If you want a single travel bowl for your dog, we also carry the Bella Roma Travel Single Bowl. You and your dog will enjoy adventuring with our collapsible travel bowls.

Why Choose Loving Pets?

When traveling with our Bella Roma Pink Travel Double Diner for dogs, you will feel comfortable knowing your pup has sturdy bowls to eat and drink out of while you're on the road. Loving Pets has a strong dedication to providing the highest quality products for animals in all homes. We are a team full of pet owners with a mission to make pet ownership affordable and fun.

You can trust us to offer the best products to help you care for your pets. In addition to our travel bowls, we also supply accessories and all-natural, USA-made treats for dogs, cats and fish.

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Loving Pets is your go-to source for travel bowls. Purchase a collapsible pink travel double diner for dogs for a convenient way to provide food and water for your pup while traveling. If you have any questions, fill out our contact form and a representative will get back to you shortly.

Product Facts:
Collapsible, Built in Feet, Free Carabiner, Dishwasher Safe, BPA Free