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Natural Wooden Top Diner

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Our Black Label Raised Wooden Top Diner has a simple yet beautiful design. It flaunts a durable black powder coated wrought iron base topped with a thick plank of natural wood. The wood plank has a protective coating which resists water and stains. In addition, the raised diner uses removable stainless steel bowls that clean easily and are dishwasher safe. What's more, stainless steel is veterinarian recommended for it's bacteria resistance.
Product Facts:
Stainless Steel Interior, Durable Wood & Metal Frame, No Spill/No Tip Design, Removable dishwasher safe bowlsbowls


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    pretty and looks vintage

    Posted by Preston of (courtesy of Preston's Dog Mom Rachel P.) on May 28th 2020

    "I admit, I LOVE to eat! Ok, not as much as my dog brother Elvis … hehehe. When Loving Pets asked me to review their new vintage diner dog bowls, I thought, hmm … to test it out Mom will have to put food in it. That's an extra meal! So I agreed and waited for my bowls to arrive from my new best friend - the UPS driver (he is always bringing me the best pets products!). The Loving Pets' Vintage Diners come in different sizes from the toy dog size, to westie size, and all the way up to big dog size (2 quart bowls). According to Mom, an elevated base is good for us dogs because it puts less strain on our necks when feeding. I never thought about it since I'm always kind of close to my bowl, but a lab or a boxer has to stretch to reach their food. The feeding bowls of the vintage diners come out of the base and they are stainless steel, which helps resist bacteria. The bowls are also dishwasher safe.Mom really liked the base because as she said it is "pretty and looks vintage." She also said the design makes the bowl fit in more with our kitchen décor. Personally, being a dog, I never paid attention to that kind of stuff - but I do admit, I think the set looks "pretty" in a human kind of way. Overall, I give the Loving Pets' Vintage Diners two bowls up … as long as Mom keeps filling them with my dog food." - Preston of (courtesy of Preston's Dog Mom Rachel P.)