Training Tip of the Month

Training Tip of the Month

Whether you have a puppy, kitten or adult pet, it’s never too late to start working with your pet to develop better manners and improve your pet’s behavior. As a partner with exercise and stimulation, training your pet stimulates their brain while also developing a bond between you and your pet. Empowered with the best training and behavior tips plus seeking out ideal training treats for your dog or cat, Loving Pets can help you be the best pet-parent you can be. Let’s get started!

Good Vibrations by Geralynn Cada, Certified Dog Trainer, CEO of, and Pack Leader

It is not ironic that National Dog Appreciation Day and National Beach Appreciation Month occur simultaneously. August is a great time to reflect as we begin to change seasons once again and how nature’s energy plays out within our lives.

My dog owning clients really appreciate their pets and know that establishing a bond with them is going to happen, and whether this bond is healthy or unhealthy, it most certainly will form. They, and most dog owning people are searching for a healthy way to bond or to strengthen a relationship with their dog. They are reaching for the right connection, demonstrated in how well their dog listens, understands, and performs commands upon request the first time that the command is given. Response time is definitely a key indicator on if they really “get” each other. In some cases, a healthy bond may even prolong a dog’s life. The truth is that most dog owners don’t understand that the connection of trust in a dog requires an element of always knowing that those dog’s needs will be met, and there is no worry of danger to them or the home lurking around the corner. Translated, for dogs to feel safe, a dog’s needs must be met properly with peaceful energy in the home and the dog knowing it does not have to protect the home. Most dogs are going to want to naturally protect. Just like people, always knowing that things will be the same and won’t change much brings a sense of peace to a dog and they won’t feel the same level of drive to protect. As a human, being that provider and showing them that you are confident in this role will definitely build a bond. A healthy bond is one built around structure and consistency in attitude and energy or vibe. An unhealthy bond is generally one of some improper handling, like two much dog worship before a purpose for the dog has been established. When owners give mixed messages to their dog it can confuse that dog into not feeling secure, and therefore wanting to jump into a protective role. A dog that jumps to protect, unless trained for that specific duty, has an unhealthy bond with their owner and if some steps are not taken to correct that behavior, not so good things can be lurking around the corner.

Everything of and on this earth emits an energy or vibe. Water emits an energy. Dogs emit energy. People emit energy. From the surfer riding a wave to an amoeba slowly slugging its way around the ocean, there is an energy- a Vibe- always being offered by someone or something and felt by another.

Of all the lessons that are taught in my dog world, my favorite is definitely the “Check your Vibe” lesson, which is the first in the series of how to effortlessly communicate with your dog. Simply stated, this lesson trains you that before entering your home, working with, or loving on your dog, simply pause (preferably before you enter the door to your home), take a few deep breaths, and remember what is important in your life. Focus on what really matters to you. It can be anything – your health, your dog(s), your job, your home itself, your family, your (you fill in the blank) and simply take a moment to reflect on this topic. This is a special time to assist you in making sure you are operating from your most positive energy source: your heart. Remembering that dogs are all heart so communicating with them while our energy is in a positive place assists us in quick and clear understanding of our requests from our pets so we set them up for success in our interactions.

Surfers “Check their Vibe” before they put on their surf gear and swim out to dance with the ocean. We too should take a lesson from the surfers and “Check our Vibe” before hanging with our animals in whatever form we choose at that moment. Remember, dogs are a reflection of us and the energy with which we lead them. Pausing to take the time to stop and clear our energy, reaching for the pure joy feeling that belongs to all of us, and placing ourselves in that feeling as often as possible will assist our dogs in their training and everyone that we come into contact with that day.

Generating a feeling of positive well-being as consistently as possible, to be spread to everyone, dog and human animal assists in creating and maintaining a space of peace and happiness around us that is contagious and addictive. Not only will you and your dog benefit, the peaceful vibe you spread to the world will be unforgettable. Begin maintaining a great vibe today and repeat every day for life for a healthy bond with your pet.