Training your dog will take patience and practice over a long time. Luckily, you don't have to do it alone! Houndations dog treats are soft, bite-sized treats that assist you on your training journey. These treats are perfect for puppies to learn new commands through positive reinforcement.

Positive reinforcement refers to the process of rewarding good deeds or actions. When training your pup, you may need Houndations small dog and puppy treats to tell your furry friend they're doing a great job. These treats have authentic ingredients and flavors like beef, chicken, salmon, duck and lamb. They're also free of corn, gluten, grain and wheat. 

How to Use Training Treats

We make our Houndations training treats for dogs that need quick and consistent reinforcement. You'll need to use many treats to teach your pup, so we make each bite-sized treat less than 3 calories. You can rely on Houndations as your partner in training.

Here are some quick tips on best practices when using Houndations dog treats:

  • Use short commands: Your pup won't understand complete sentences, so it's best to limit commands to one or two words.
  • Reward immediately: Dogs' attention spans don't last long in training, so they learn commands faster when you give your pup a treat directly after good behavior. 

Why Buy Houndations Training Treats?

Aside from being delicious, Houndations treats are convenient in any training session. Using these treats is a great way to reinforce trust and build a strong relationship with your pup. When you buy Houndations treats, you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Made in the USA: We formulate and prepare our treats in America for the best flavor and quality product. We use real meat and simple ingredients to create a delicious snack.
  • Small and soft: Training treats need to be easy to chew for your puppy to move quickly from command to command. Houndations treats are small and soft for simple chewing.
  • Convenient packaging: Each bag of Houndations dog treats comes with a free carabiner for easy access during training. The bags are also resealable to maintain freshness.
  • Good behavior: Training your dog can include anything from teaching commands to limiting barking. With time and treats, your pup can learn how to be on their best behavior.
  • New skills: Some trainers use treats to teach their pups impressive tricks. Practice makes perfect!

Train Your Pup With Houndations Dog Treats

Training is all about improving your relationship with your furry friend. Because dogs need positive reinforcement to learn and grow, you can use Houndations training treats to get started. With a delicious, low-calorie recipe, these treats are perfect rewards to use throughout a session. Plus, they're small enough that your pup won't spoil their dinner!

You can take the first step toward better behavior with convenient and rewarding training treats. Choose from our variety of meat or fish flavors to find the one best for your puppy. Want to shop for more? Explore our other dog treats, bones and chews, accessories, bowls and gift baskets.