It's your Woofday! Gift Basket

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If you are searching for a meaningful dog birthday gift basket for a friend or family member, and you know they adore their pet, you've come to the right place! Our It's Your Woofday! Gift Basket is a woof-worthy dog birthday treat pack that contains a handful of canine-approved treats, bowls, bones and accessories to give your pet a reason to celebrate. Send us your IG handle when placing order for a special birthday story shoutout!!

MEDIUM TO X-LARGE baskets will NOT GET SKU 8001- Nature's Choice® - Buffalo Shin Bone Dog Treat. THIS ITEM WILL BE SUBBED

A Dog Birthday Treat Starter Kit for a One-of-a-Kind Friend  

Have your pet dip his paw into this delightful dog birthday gift package from Loving Pets. For bowl sizes, please see our size option below. The It's Your Woofday! Gift Basket comes with:

  • 4-inch Meaty Shin Bone from Nature's Choice 
  • Sweet Potato Krisps from Nature's Choice 
  • Soft Chew Chicken Tenders from Natural Value® 
  • Puffsters™ Banana and Chicken Chips
  • A five pack of 6-inch Bullish™ Sticks
  • Deli-Licious™ Pastrami Recipe
  • Gobblestopper™
  • Large Bella Spill-Proof Mat in Tan
  • Woof Chenille Fashion Mat
  • Single Bella Roma Travel Bowl in Blue
  • Bella Bowls in Espresso
  • Bella Treat Canister in Espresso
  • Two Mint Flavor Filled 2.8-ounce Single Wrapped Yummy Bones
  • Two Peanut Butter 2.8-ounce Single Wrapped Yummy Bones
  • Two Bacon Flavor Filled 2.8-ounce Single Wrapped Yummy Bones 
  • Two Chicken Flavor Filled 2.8-ounce Single Wrapped Yummy Bones 


Bowls and Diners

Our Woofday Gift Basket comes with the bestselling bowls in the pet industry — two Bella Bowls in a stylish Espresso color. Our Bella Roma travel bowl is designed for pet care on the road, featuring an integrated locking lid and collapsible sides for easy storage. The bowl portion is bisphenol A (BPA)-free. These bowls:

  • Combine an attractive poly-resin exterior with a veterinarian-recommended stainless interior.
  • Are equipped with a rubber base that eliminates noise and prevents skidding and spills. The base is removable to make the bowl dishwasher-safe.


Dog Birthday Snacks and Treats

For your furry friend's special day, we have combined all of our bestselling products to bring you the ultimate Woofday basket! The Woofday dog birthday treat basket features:

  • Natural Value® Chicken Tenders made in the USA.
  • Pastrami Recipe Deli-Licious™ Deli Style dog treats.
  • Puffsters™ in Apple and Chicken.
  • Natural Value® Sweet Potato Krisps.
  • Natural Buffalo treats selected for your pet's dental needs.


Yummy Bones and Chews 

Our 6-inch Bullish™ Sticks come in packs of five and are a fraction of the cost of regular bully sticks. These sticks have the flavor and scent that dogs crave and will undoubtedly satisfy your pet's desire to chew. 

With our Yummy Bones Singles, your pet will enjoy two flavors in one treat. With a hard exterior and a softer, yummy interior, these treats will encourage your pet to happily work for their reward.



Dog Birthday Care Package Accessories 

The birthday gift basket also comes with:

  • A treat canister with white paws and bones imprint in espresso finish.
  • A Woof Chenille Fashion Mat and Gobblestopper™.
  • A  large, bone-shaped Bella Spill-Proof Dog Mat.


Unpack the Fun With a Woofday Dog Birthday Snack Package From Loving Pets 

Pet gifts and treats are a must-have for any pet lover in your life. Look to Loving Pets for an extensive selection of adorable pet gift basketsaccessoriesdog treatsbones and chewsbowls and more.