New Puppy Gift Basket

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Are you welcoming a new puppy to the family? Your new dog will bark with joy for this paw-fect puppy treat basket filled with the essentials — bowls, yummy beef sticks, pet-loving recipes, a spill-proof mat and more. The New Puppy Gift Basket from Loving Pets is perfect for your home and makes a great gift for a relative or friend's new puppy, too.


Celebrate Your New Puppy With a One-of-a-Kind Puppy Gift Basket

Our New Puppy Gift Basket comes with:

  • Houndations 4-ounce Duck
  • Deli-Licious Roast Beef & Cheddar Recipe dog treats
  • Houndations 4-ounce Chicken
  • 14-ounce Soft Chew Beef Sticks
  • Bella Spill-Proof Mat in Tan
  • A slow feeder, Gobblestopper
  • Bella Roma Travel Bowl in Blue
  • A pair of the famous Bella Bowls in Copper 


The new puppy care package from Loving Pets comes with two bestselling and award-winning bowls — Bella Bowls in a beautiful, copper color. 

Beautiful and functional, Bella Bowls come with a removable rubber base that makes them dishwasher safe, eliminates noise and prevents spills. Bella Bowls combine an attractive poly-resin exterior with a veterinarian-recommended stainless interior.

Our Bella Roma travel bowl in Blue is ideal for easy traveling with your new furry friend. The bowl portion is bisphenol A (BPA)-free, and the patented design features a collapsible, integrated locking lid to store dry food easily. 

New Puppy Snacks and Treats

Houndations treats in Chicken and Salmon are the perfect reward when teaching your puppy new skills or working to establish a schedule. These puppy treats are soft, small and bite-sized. Each package comes with a free carabiner that allows you to easily attach the kit to a leash or your belt loop for easy access. 

Our Deli-Licious Roast Beef & Cheddar Recipe treats are high-quality, with beef as the main ingredient. These trusted goodies are made with care in small batches.

Yummy Chews

Natural Value Soft Chew Beef Sticks are perfect for any size or age dog. Natural Value Beef Sticks are made in the USA, healthy, contain no byproducts, and are grain-, gluten-, soy-, corn- and wheat-free. 

New Puppy Treat Pack Accessories 

The puppy gift package from Loving Pets comes with:

  • Small Gobblestopper: This product turns any bowl into a slow feeder. It's a must-have for new puppies because it prevents canine bloat and other serious health risks by acting as a simple solution for fast eaters.
  • Bella Spill-Proof Mat: This mat is quality tested for indoor and outdoor use, BPA-free, nontoxic and anti-skid to prevent slides. It has bone-shaped embossing on the surface, features raised edges for maximum spill capacity and cleans easily.

Welcome Your New Puppy With a Premium Puppy Snack Package From Loving Pets 

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