Bella Bowl - Stainless Steel Dog Bowl - Champagne

$6.49 - $18.49

Your dog makes you smile every day and deserves the very best when it comes to mealtime. Our spill-proof champagne Bella Bowl will make mealtime less messy and less noisy, making it a win-win for dog and pet parent. The high-quality bowl includes a stainless steel interior and poly-resign for a durable and stylish food dish.

Does your dog usually slop food over the side while eating? You can eliminate that problem with our skid-proof dog bowl. It won't move around while your dog chows down, which also leads to less noise during mealtimes. Imagine a quiet, clean mealtime that's a breeze to clean up. You enjoy that and more when you order our stainless steel champagne dog bowl. 

Get the Award-Winning Bella Bowl

Loving pets patented, award-winning Bella Bowls incorporate hygienic stainless steel that resists odors and rust. This helps promote a healthy lifestyle for your pup!

Our champagne-colored Bella bowl is a beautiful addition to your dog's necessities and will easily complement and blend with any house décor. The included rubber base around the bottom keeps the bowl in place as your dog eats so that your home is kept clean and spill-free leaving you with one less chore. 

Our treats and accessories are shipped from the USA, so you won't have to wait for long shipping times. We are proud of our products' high quality and durability, and you can see what a difference that makes when your dog eats. 

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Loving Pets offers outstanding products for pet owners. We know you love your pets and want to support them and keep them healthy. When you buy from us, you get products you can feel confident using. Accessories like our dishwasher-safe champagne Bella bowl provide the best way for your pet to eat a nutritious diet and keep your home clean. 

Buying from us also offers many benefits beyond the outstanding quality of our food and accessories. We also offer: 

  • Affordable prices, which get even lower when you take advantage of our coupons and bundle deals. 
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  • An innovative and stylish approach to accessories, including unique colors you will appreciate. 

Your pet deserves the best at mealtime. Buy our skid-proof champagne dog bowl to upgrade your dog's dining experience and make it quieter and cleaner. Get in touch with us online today to learn more.

Product Facts:
Bacteria resistant stainless steel interior, Dishwasher safe, Removable rubber ring to prevent spills & noise