Bella Bowls

Feeding your pet is an essential part of their day. When you choose the right bowl, you give your dog or cat the perfect space to enjoy their meal. Choose Bella Bowls to receive the bestselling bowl in the pet industry. 

Bella Bowls are award-winning additions to any home with a cat or dog. Their practical design allows for perfect portion control and easy cleanup. We offer bowl sizes for small to extra-large dogs or cats based on their weight. Plus, our Bella Bowl canisters make the perfect storage for your tasty treats.

Types of Bella Bowls Products

Our signature Bella Bowl for dogs has a stainless steel interior and poly-resin exterior. These bowls are fun and functional, featuring designs and colors to complement your home's aesthetic. With decals like paw prints, boneshearts and dragonflies, Bella Bowls add a touch of personality to any setup. Choose from colors like merlot, metallic copper, paparazzi pink or coastal aqua sea.

We also carry Bella Bowl canisters as excellent treat containers. Instead of keeping all your snacks in unsealed bags, you can use these gasket-sealed reusable canisters. These treat holders have the same stainless steel design and come in espresso, copper or merlot.

Why Buy Bella Bowls?

Using these bowls for breakfast or dinner time will be a treat for you and your pet. Our Bella Bowls for cats and dogs combine the practical design of stainless steel with a rubber grip base. Here are a few more reasons you and your pet will love Bella Bowls:

  • Cleanliness & Sanitation: Stainless steel is the premier material for pet feeding dishes because it has sanitary properties, resists rust, and odors. The material is safe to eat from and easy to clean — a win-win situation!
  • Removable base: Bella Bowls feature a removable rubber base that prevents skidding, spilling and clattering. When your dog or cat begins their yummy meal, you can be sure the bowl will stay in place. We recommend that users remove the base before washing.
  • Dishwasher safe: When your furry friend has finished their meal, you can place your Bella Bowl on the top rack of the dishwasher to make cleaning easy. You can do the same for your treat canister (just be sure to remove the rubber ring).
  • Patented design: Bella Bowls are exclusive, patented products with excellent functionality. You can only find this quality product from a Loving Pets brand like Bella Bowls.

Choose Bella Bowls for Your Cat or Dog

Dinnertime just got better with a Bella Bowl for your dog or cat. You can treat your special friend to a bestselling dish from an award-winning brand: Bella Bowls. Enjoy a pristine bowl with fun and unique designs to make it your own. Choose from our appropriately portioned bowls, and pair it with one of our sleek, sealed canisters.

The only thing better than telling your pet it's time to eat is bringing out their food in a Bella Bowl. Once your furry friend recognizes its signature design and color, they'll be jumping for joy. For sanitary, long-lasting dishes, choose Bella Bowls from Loving Pets.

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