Carbon Pellets

Your fish tank is a sustained ecosystem with many chemical processes invisible to our eyes. To help your fish stay safe and healthy in their home, you may need carbon pellets. Activated carbon pellets are chemical filtration media that eliminate harmful toxins and bacteria.

Left untreated, your fish's waste can convert into smelly organic materials that put your fish and plants in danger. Aquatic carbon pellets have pores to absorb and adhere to these substances so that your fish or plant life don't consume them. You can eliminate harmful contaminants to help your aquatic life and ecosystem thrive with carbon pellets.

The Benefits of Activated Carbon Pellets

Carbon pellets are a popular choice for many pet owners with aquariums. These small but mighty granules fix common issues with fish tanks, including:

  • Pollutants: Certain organic and inorganic materials can develop in your fish tank without you ever detecting them. Carbon pellets filter these contaminants for a healthier ecosystem.
  • Cloudiness: By filtering harmful substances like tannins, these pellets also clear up murky water. If your tank is cloudy, carbon pellets can make a difference.
  • Odor: Some aquarium smells are powerful and unpleasant. These odors are usually a result of unfiltered or untreated phenols in the water, and carbon pellets eliminate this odor as they absorb contaminants.
  • Toxicity: Your fish need a clean ecosystem to survive, but chemicals like chlorine can enter your tank and harm your aquatic environment. With carbon pellets, these toxins are no longer a problem.

How to Use Aquatic Carbon Pellets

Getting started with activated carbon pellets is simple. Follow the proper measurements and avoid adding too many carbon pellets to your tank. Each jar provides measuring information to help you keep your tank safe.

Here's how we recommend using carbon pellets for aquariums:

  1. Wash pellets: Begin by cleaning any ash or debris from your pellets in a small bowl with water. Drain thoroughly. 
  2. Measure appropriate amount: Most people recommend using 2 cups of pellets per 55 gallons of water. Follow the label for specific instructions.
  3. Place pellets in bag or filter: The pellets work best when secured in a reusable mesh bag or carbon filter if your tank has one. Keeping your pellets in one place makes it easier to remove them later.
  4. Replace regularly: We recommend replacing your aquatic carbon pellets every three to four weeks. If your water becomes yellow or smelly before then, change your pellets immediately.

Keep Your Fish Healthy With Carbon Pellets

When you buy carbon pellets from Loving Pets, you help your fish thrive in a healthy ecosystem. We offer several options, including economypremium and extreme activated carbon pellets. Each model differs in texture, performance and size, so you can get what you need. We also carry a carbon pellet and Ammonia Away blend for environments with several toxic substances.

In a controlled aquarium, fish need a little help from you to maintain their ecosystem. Carbon pellets work well alongside other cleansers and purifiers, so we also carry water treatments and filters. Your fish will love their new and improved home, and you can enjoy a clear view.